Have a Blast Golfing Alone

Learning a new game is a good idea to challenge one’s wit and get to know about interesting information at the same time. Many people value privacy more than anything else and prefer learning about golf and playing it alone on private or public golf courses. The following suggestions will help a person who is trying to learn about this fantastic game alone.• Study carefully the technical terms, rules, and techniques that are associated with this game. Golf books explain in details about the rules. In addition, one can always take help of the Internet regarding the rules, the different kinds of shots, which played in this game and information regarding booking of the tee times.• Golf instructional video can be a good choice for persons who want to indulge in this game. It will help one to understand the basics and thus get a clearer understanding. In fact, those who had played the game on private or public courses can take help of the videos to polish their golfing skills.• Switch on the TV and observe minutely how they hit the ball, follow golf etiquette that are mentioned by the golf club authorities and handle different situations. All those who know a golfer can request him/her to allow them to be present at the course. Watching golf shots from a close distance can help a person lot in understanding its smallest details as well as its various aspects.• Watching a golfing tournament on the TV is a good idea. Devote the attention on the commentary and study how players handle different shots on the private or public golf courses. This will help the person in getting an idea about the different gaming strategies that are adopted by famous players.• One issue that bothers new players is slow play. The only way to get rid of this problem is by practicing golfing on a regular basis. Before hitting the course for a golfing round, one can always take help of the driving range for practicing the shots. This will help to build up the confidence and to get rid of the nagging fear of slowing down others.• It is a good idea to request a pro for feedback. Honest opinion about the flaws and problem areas will help one to have a good understanding where one needs to improve.Golf is one game that can be played with others as well as alone. In fact, both are equally enjoyable. However playing alone enables a person to concentrate on the game alone rather than worrying about an audience. Those who want to play this game alone can consider the following tips.• Choose a longer golf course. A golf course that has eighteen holes (or more) is ideal for those who want to play alone. Conversely, a 9-hole private or public golf course is a good choice for the people who prefer to play in a group.• It is better to play on a golf course that comes with a higher par. If one is planning to play on 18-hole private or public golf courses, the par should be at least 70.• It is a good idea to reserve the tee times in advance. In addition, one can choose the early tee times in order to avoid the crowd.• After the tee times are booked, you can inquire about the dress code and other golf rules which followed by the club.• There are many private golf clubs, which at times, try to team up two single players. If a person does not want to team up with another player, a good option would be to check with the course authorities before the round starts.• Even if the golfer is playing alone on the private or public golf courses, the person must arrive on time for tee times. Rushing to the course at the last moment can disrupt concentration. Experts advise reaching the golf course at least 45 minutes before start of the tee times. You can use this time by hitting few balls, on the course, chipping and putting for few minutes.• When one is playing alone, one should find ways to reduce the time that is spent on walking on the golf course. Usually single players do not prefer to walk on the golf course all alone. In that case, one can take the help of a caddy for carrying the bags or opt for the services of the golf cart while on the course. Keep in mind that the cost of renting the cart will be higher when one is golfing alone. This is because there is no other player to share the cost.• Playing alone on the private or public golf courses is an ideal time to do some experimentation with the different kinds of golf clubs. In fact, one can also try out various kinds of swings.It is important to remember that golfing alone can be a refreshing and fun experience. However, one should consider the strategies and tips that have been discussed. In addition, true to the sportsmanship spirit, one must abide by the rules even when he/she is playing alone. Remember that cheating may help a person to win, but it will not help in improving the golfing skills.

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Enjoy Your Animal Encounter During Your Torquay Holidays

Your Torquay holidays can be the most memorable vacation that you can have this year. Because of the numerous tourist spots and attractions in the place, there will never be a dull moment during your Torquay holidays. From your holiday cottages, the scenic spots are very accessible. You can drive, get a cab or ride in public transport vehicles to reach your desired destinations. If you are an animal lover or you simply want to promote respect to animals to your kids, you should go to the famous zoos of Torquay. This can be an opportune time to educate young children about the importance of caring for animals. Instead of seeing the animals only in science books, you will have the chance to experience a close encounter with the animals. Here are some rare animals that you will see in the zoos.AukAuks are birds belonging to the Alcidae family. Because they are similar with penguins, many people mistakenly identify them as one of them. If you want to see the auks, you can drive to Living Coasts Zoo. This is very accessible from the holiday cottages. Visiting the zoo is one of the best ways to spend your Torquay holidays. Because the management is able to preserve the wild animal, you can enjoy your day out with your whole family. The Auk Cliff houses the several auks in the zoo. The habitat is the home of the rare animal. They keep the place as natural as possible to let the auks feel at home.Tufted PuffinsIf you want to see tufted puffins during your Torquay holidays, visit the Living Coasts Zoo while staying at the holiday cottages. The animals came from North America and very similar to the native puffins of other countries. Because of the strong nails, they can easily climb up the rocky surface of the Auk cliff. When you visit the Living Coasts Zoo, the tufted puffins are worth spending time with. For sure, you children will come back to the holiday cottages with their hearts filled with joy.Pigeon GuillemotPigeon guillemots are birds with red legs and feet. They are famous for diving below 150 feet underwater for more than one minute. The animals are must-see during your Torquay holidays. They offer you with priceless happiness and rare opportunity to appreciate the different habitats of animals. Because the zoo is easily accessible, reaching the animal sanctuary will never be a problem. The Living coasts zoo is open during the day. If you happen to come in bigger groups, make sure you schedule your Torquay holidays well to maximize your vacation.

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Health Care: Part 1 – Where To Now?

With so much unrest in the United States and around the world these days it is difficult to focus on the future of anything, much less, health care. Things are changing rapidly but if we can navigate these times with calmness and clear thinking we can change things for the better. Of course, I am focusing on this subject because my life experiences come from this area of our society, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with as many people as possible so as to increase our chances of getting it right. This is part one of a series of articles on the future of health care and what our options are going forward, whether we win or lose the political battle. The most important weapon we have to win the battle is a clear understanding of health care, past, present and future.Many people think our problems started with Obamacare enacted into law in 2009, but planning for this mess started about fifty years ago by some very evil people, liberals. I was a young pharmacist and owned my own pharmacy. As a pharmacist I was but one part of the whole health care industry and worked closely with doctors, drug companies and nursing homes. This was a time in the industry where government was not involved, health insurance companies where just coming into view but were really not a significant part of the industry.Before I begin, I will tell you that even at that time in history, there were poor people who because of their circumstances or life choices were unable to afford medical help, BUT they were still tended to by doctors, hospitals, and pharmacists and often their health needs were provided by whoever treated them free of charge. I mention this because government involvement in health care began with politicians, in order to win a sympathy vote, and promising to foot the bill for the poor’s medical needs. Of course now we understand that neither government nor politicians use their own money when they promise to give us wonderful sounding programs. Government must first take money from us via taxes before they have any money to spend, and worse, like dolts we give money to politicians so they can be elected to keep making promises they can never fulfill.The mess we have today started back in the 1960′s when politicians realized the electorate was gullible to their empty promises. The politicians started these entitlement programs by providing medicaid benefits to a small group, the children of the poor, single moms and the elderly, but they did it with our tax dollars. This is how politicians get their hooks into us, they promise to help a small group and as time goes on, they expand it to include more and more. I will lay out more information in subsequent articles to lay the ground work for understand how this mess can truly be fixed if we, the citizens, are willing to work and save our freedoms. Each article will lead to a clear understanding of how a successful health care system functions to include everyone and what it looks like when you understand how all the working parts integrate. Look for “HEALTH CARE: Part 2 Where To Now, coming soon.By: Fritz Scheffel

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