Go Crazy With Your Bedding Color to Let Your Wild Side Out

Most of the time, we need to act within reason of what most people expect out of us. This might hold you back from dressing the way you really want to, or taking up a hobby that you really wish you could pick up. But there is a way that you can let your wild side get out and do it in private… by the way you decorate your bedroom.I know, it sounds pretty crazy… but it can feel really good to decorate in a very wild way that expresses who you are. I don’t recommend painting because I did that once with some very tropical colors and it was a pain to paint over. However, with bedding, you can have a lot of fun.Bedding is a great way to decorate because it comes in so many colors and so many different prints. The options for kids seems even bigger than adults… but you will definitely be able to find something that complements your personality.First, you can look at print bedding. Most of the time these are going to be cotton sheets, but you are beginning to find some bamboo options. Prints like leaves, swirls, and even animal prints can add some energy to your room. This is especially the case if you get some satin animal prints… just watch the romance in your bedroom go up.Speaking of satin sheets, they come in such a wide variety of colors that can be a blast. If you’re like me then you love color and bright colors at that. Satin sheets come in very vibrate colors like brights oranges, pinks, blues, and greens. It’s pretty much like opening a crayon box and choosing what you want.Personally I really enjoy the bright green and blues because they bring out the tropical side of me and it really relaxes me. You can still use a contemporary comforters to hide the color during the day so the room still comes together. But the point being is whatever type of personality you have, you can find a color to complement it.Silk sheets on the other hand are much better than satin in terms of quality, but they don’t comes in the variety of color. They are fairly basic colors of white, black, blues, and reds… but even these are gorgeous. Silk is a beautiful bedding material.As you can tell, the color of bedding is a great way for you to go designer crazy and not have to worry about what too many people think because your bedroom is usually always private. Make sure to check out all the different options available to you… you’ll be surprised.

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